Services of a Professional Heavy Duty Truck Repair Company

Trucks are relied on to deliver goods all over the country and for you to keep your truck on the road at all times, Reliable Truck Repair & Tire Service offers services that are carried out by expert and certified mechanics that have years of experience repairing trucks. We do simple jobs like an oil change or a complete vehicle overhaul. As a reliable heavy duty truck repair company operating in Rawlins, WY, we only use high-tech and quality equipment to ensure that your truck is repaired the first time. We also use top of the line replacement parts and components so you can make sure that your truck is equipped with parts that will always keep it on the road.

Truck RepairBrake Maintenance and Repairs

Truck brakes are more powerful that other cars and faulty brakes can put the driver and other motorists at risk. If you are unsure whether your brakes are faulty or not, it is best to have them checked. For brake repair service, we will diagnose your truck’s brake problems and do professional brake work. Our auto mechanic team is trained to deal with any type of brakes from air brakes to hydraulics.

Diesel Engine Repairs

Ensuring that your engine is running properly is an important component of the maintenance process. However, you should not trust engine repair to an untrained and uncertified mechanic. We know the importance of a good and running diesel engine and that is why we perform our diesel engine repair service using the right tools and equipment for the job. We can repair any diesel engine from changing the oil and the filters to bleeding the fuel system. You can count on us to repair your diesel engine and get your truck back on the road.

We also provide emergency car repair for those who need roadside assistance. For quality truck repair services in Rawlins, WY, contact Reliable Truck Repair & Tire Service now at (307) 710-2639 and get repairs for your fleet of trucks. If you are also passing by Sinclair WY; Fort Steele WY; Riner WY; Creston WY; Bairoil WY you can drop by our shop and get your truck inspected by experts.